The Barangay

Along the Pacific Ocean lays the former Province of Tayabas, Quezon which is now known as Baler, Aurora. It is considered the largest among the Provinces in the country. It consists of  8 municipalities. One of the municipalities is Baler which has a sitio of San Luis. Later on  an Executive Order No. 264 was issued creating San Luis as a municipality. While the sitio of Ditumabo was declared as a Barangay under the Municipality of San Luis.

During the Japanese occupation, different families occupied Ditumabo namely  Amazona, Villareal, Macatiag, Morillo, Nery, Bautista, Sarenas and Herminigildo .Because of its physical features which is favorable for better living, group of people migrated to the place. In 1959 when the sitio of DITUMABO was established as a Barangay, a leader was needed thus Mr. Antonio Amazona was appointed as the Lieutenant. He was replaced by Mr. Isidro Macatiag in 1960. In 1962-1963, Mr. Amazona was re-appointed as a Barrio Lieutenant, succeeded by the following: Mr. Celestino Padua, Mr. Benedicto Trinidad, Mr. Gabriel Subad, Mr. Juan Marzan, Mr. Eugenio Verances, Mr. Meynardo Amazona and at present Mr. Christopher A. Marzan who is the Punong Barangay.
Presently, Ditumabo has  8,214.02 hectares and population of 3,631 with 782 households. The main source of income are agriculture and business establishments. In 2015, based from IRA the local source of income is estimated at Php 2,373,903.00.

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