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The Aetas are known to be the first inhabitants in Barangay Ditumabo. They named places starting with letter “D”. They have named one of the rivers they crossed which is 15 kilometers southeast of Baler; DITUMABO. According to the barrio people, this is how the Barangay was named:

There was a couple living in one angle of the river whose only survival is to catch fish and wild animals. One day a Christian Tagalog lost his way during hunting. He found the couple as they were walking, upon seeing him they knelt with their head up and their hands clasped. The Christian Tagalog mentioned “Ako po ay naliligaw, saan po kaya ang tamang daan?” The couple did not answer instead they pointed out to the river with the word “DI-LI-TU-MA-BO”. He thanked them and found his way. Upon reaching home, he narrated the story to his family and neighbors. Since then whenever a Christian Tagalog hunts in the said place, they utter the term “DITUMABO”.

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