How to get there

From Baler to Ditumabo

For those who do not have their own vehicles, ask a tricycle driver to take you to Barangay Ditumabo. Although it would be better if you will go to Ditumabo tricyle terminal which is located in Baler Public Market.

  • 10 – 20 mins ride


Ditumabo – Baler = Php 40
Ditumabo – Nonong = Php20
Ditumabo – San Luis = Php25
Ditumabo – Hiwalayan = Php30

*Fares are subject to change without prior notice.

Ditumabo – Mother Falls’ Entrance

You will see a line of tricycle at the entrance of the road.

  • 10 mins ride (tricycle)

After all rides, an almost 2 kilometers walk awaits. You can experience to walk in man-made bamboo bridges, to walk across river with cool water. As you come closer and closer you can feel the cool temperature which might help you feel relaxed as you go by. You can see the beauty of nature each and every step you take. And after a long walk, you will be amazed in what will see, the breath-taking Ditumabo Mother Falls.

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